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I am a man, yet also I am the MYTH! – Street Ranger

ABOUT ME: I work in tech industry and I’m basically a web rat who lives on the Internet. Social network sites are ok, but they are all so last year and initial meetings in person are the totally new thing. And that’s what I do, except I film it too! I am a bit of a nut, so “don’t try this at home” stuff I do, but watching my movies is definitelly the next best thing!

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Street Ranger latina pussy

Street Ranger

Wow, that’s how I am going to introduce this week’s update. The Street Ranger is finally back with some crazy mamasita for ya ‘all. Let me tell you about this walk on the park, the other day i was just walking around, looking for something to do, and I found this beautiful chica named “Cassandra”. I just went to the park and the first thing I found is a song that was written in Spanish, then I found my Spanish mami to give me what I called “Spanish Lessons”. I did my usual approach, smoothly I got to start a conversation with this awesome babe. I said that i was working on a survey about breast implants (I have been working on that for all my life!). After a nice little talk with all the explanations, I asked the chick if she would like to come to my office to fill out the paperwork. She told me she wasn’t doing anything at the time and that she will come with me…


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Street Ranger Gabby showing pussy

Street Ranger

These days you never know what to speck, I mean you really do not now how it is going to happen. Oh, is it on my way home from work? Or is it on my way out of court? Yep, Bingo! I just happen to be walking to my car on one normal day, out of court, when I set my eyes on this beauty looking inside her car.

I can be a true asshole sometimes, but for the most part I’m a gentleman. I see this gorgeous blond, she looks in trouble, i present myself and she says she locked herself out her car. I think my day just got a way better, so I ask if could help, she said her name is “Gabby” and that she was in real trouble, cause she got a lot to do that day and she didn’t have any money. I told her: “Hey, the locksmith is going to charge you at least $80 dollars for the work”, and I then played my card: I offered to call a friend of mine who’s good at this things and pay for it…

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If you were looking for Gabby Bangbros – Street Ranger, you are not wrong, this is the right place to uncover the truth: Bangbros Gabby is actually Ashlynn Brooke! :)

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Gabby or Ashlynn Brooke?

The homegirl came to visit from Oklahoma, so we rented this cozy hotel room, so we could spend some time together. Let me tell you: Gabby, I mean Ashlynn is hot, I mean she’s got some fucking tits on her, and a real nice ass, too. Actually she was a little shy at first, but once she started sucking on my cock, she really loosened up, letting me fuck the shit out of her. She rode me for quite a while, and then I fucked her from behind spidermonkey style. I hope you guys enjoy this Bang Bros cutie – Gangbang Gabby – The Street Ranger movie!


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